If you’re ready to put your home on the market, it can be tough to get both a quick transaction and the most profit on your property. One of the best ways to make sure the sale goes smoothly is to order a pre-listing inspection.

Like a standard home inspection, a pre-listing inspection gives you detailed information about the condition of your home. This helps you to take steps to get the property ready to sell. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a home inspector before you put your house on the market.

Order a Pre-Listing Inspection to Know More About Your Home

When you list your property for sale, you likely already know some quirks of your home and repairs that need to be made. However, the inspector that will be hired by your prospective buyer may uncover issues you don’t know about.

If major repairs are needed, this can reduce the value of your home and give the buyer more bargaining power. A pre-listing inspection educates you about the exact condition of your house and how you can improve it.

Maintain Control Over Repairs

If you forego a pre-listing inspection, the buyer’s inspector could find problems that need to be repaired before the sale is final. This gives the buyer the freedom to request their own contractor to fix the issue, which puts you on the hook for paying those rates.

The buyer may also request that certain materials be used. They might ask that you use premium architectural shingles when replacing the roof or request that hardwood flooring is installed to replace the damaged vinyl in the kitchen. By learning about necessary repairs ahead of time, you can choose your own contractors and materials and save money on upgrades to the home.

Skip the Second Inspection

In a competitive market, buyers want to move quickly to secure the home they want. If you have a pre-listing inspection, the buyer might decide to accept the results of that inspection and forego their own. This will save you and the buyer money, and it can accelerate the sale by days or even weeks.

Beat the Competition When You Order a Pre-Listing Inspection

Many buyers look at dozens of homes before they choose a house to make an offer on. Ordering a pre-listing inspection and sharing it with potential buyers will make your home more competitive in a slow market.

Simplify Pricing for Your Real Estate Agent

One of the most challenging parts of a real estate transaction is accurately and appropriately pricing a home. When your property hasn’t been inspected in years, it is more difficult for your real estate agent to accurately price the property. A pre-listing inspection improves pricing accuracy and can help speed up the sale.

Streamline the Negotiation Process

Finally, an inspection performed by a professional home inspector helps you avoid common pitfalls that occur during the negotiations process. The inspector for the buyer will find fewer issues and you’ll already be well-informed about the condition of the property. You will have priced the home accurately for its condition so there will be little room for the buyer to negotiate for a lower price.

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