If you have pets, they’re part of your family and should be comfortable in your house. Make sure your home is pet-safe and easy to clean by checking out a few practical renovation tips to create a more pet-friendly home.

Tips to Make Your Home More Pet-Friendly

1. Pet-Friendly Flooring for Your Home

Choosing the right flooring is one of the best ways to accommodate four-legged family members. Consider options like vinyl, laminate, or tile, which are durable and easy to clean. These materials are less likely to scratch or stain, making them perfect for pet-friendly homes. Rugs and carpets can still be part of your decor, but opt for machine-washable or stain-resistant varieties.

2. Built-In Pet Spaces

Add built-in pet spaces to your home to keep your dog or cat engaged and comfortable. A window seat with a cozy cushion or a small niche with a pet bed gives your animal a designated spot to relax and take a break while still being part of the family.

3. Gates and Barriers for a Pet-Friendly Home

To restrict your pet’s access to certain areas of your home, pet gates and barriers are a practical solution. Gates come in various styles and sizes to fit your needs and decor. They’re especially handy for keeping your dog out of specific rooms or off the stairs.

4. Make it Easier to Bathe Your Pet

Installing a pet washing station is a game-changer for dog owners. These spaces typically include a shower area with a handheld sprayer and a drain. Set up a dog washing area in the mudroom, back porch, or bathroom to make cleaning and grooming your animal easier after outdoor adventures.

5. Elevated Feeding Stations

Elevating your pet’s food and water bowls improves their posture and makes mealtime more comfortable. You can find stylish feeding stations online or create a DIY solution that complements your home’s decor.

6. Choose Durable, Washable Paint

Pets can cause damage to your walls, especially when they’re excited or curious. A durable and washable paint finish for your walls allows you to easily wipe away paw prints and smudges, keeping your home looking tidy and clean. Talk to an expert at your local home improvement store to get recommendations on the best paints for a pet-friendly home.

7. Create a Pet-Friendly Smart Home

Embrace smart home technology to make life with animals more convenient. Smart feeders open at set times of the day or in response to a tag in your pet’s collar. You can find WiFi-connected cameras to keep an eye on your cat or dog when you’re away during the day. Upgrade to an automatic, self-cleaning litter box for your cat to reduce the time spent scooping the litter box.

Remember that every pet is unique, so consider your cat’s or dog’s needs and habits when implementing these renovations. Creating a pet-friendly home enhances the comfort of your living spaces for everyone.

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