Pest and termite infestations are a common concern for homeowners. If you discover signs of mice, ants, or wood-destroying insects, hire a pest control company to take care of the problem. Avoid an infestation and save money on pest control with these tips. Read on for a few ways to prevent pests in your home.

Keep Mulch Away from the Home to Prevent Pests

Ensure that the garden mulch is not directly next to your foundation to prevent pests. Mulch attracts pests and rodents looking for a safe place to hide, and when it’s in direct contact with your home, it may entice them to go indoors. Use mulch around shrubs and trees that are at least two feet or more away from your foundation, or use rocks as a mulching material instead of organic matter.

Inspect the Home for Gaps and Cracks

Another way to prevent pests around your house is by identifying cracks, gaps, and other entry points for mice and insects. Doors, windows, and your foundation may have small openings that serve as an entry point for pests. When looking around your house, check for gaps, missing shingles, space around utility lines and pipes, and cracks near wiring that could invite pests indoors.

Disposing of Trash to Prevent Pests

Garbage attracts pests and wildlife, and your trash may help insects and rodents find your home. When you dispose of trash outside, use cans with tight-fitting or locking lids. Regularly sweep the area where your garbage bins sit and pick up trash that falls out. Make sure the patio and garage are free of plant debris, leaves, standing water, and garbage that appeals to pests.

Keep Your Drains Clean

Floor drains, sink drains, and drains in the yard can accumulate organic waste, debris, and food residue over time. Clogged drains create an inviting environment for small insects and pests, especially breeding mosquitoes. To prevent pests, clean the drains inside and outside your home regularly. If you don’t want to use harsh drain cleaning products, use a simple combination of vinegar and baking soda.

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