Household waste is a concern throughout the world. On average, each household in America generates 6,570 pounds of trash every year. While some garbage is unavoidable, there are many ways to reduce household waste, protect the environment, and save money. Here are a few ideas to reduce the amount of stuff you throw away.

Buy in Bulk and Without Plastic Packaging

One of the reasons people generate trash is when purchasing things. Product packaging is a large portion of household garbage. When shopping, look for products without excess packaging. Purchase loose fruits and vegetables instead of the ones wrapped in plastic. Carry reusable bags to buy bulk food products.

Use Storage Containers to Reduce Household Waste

A surprising amount of food waste is due to poor storage techniques in the refrigerator and pantry. When you do not store food correctly, it is prone to spoilage, mold growth, and insect infestation. To reduce household waste, use reusable airtight containers to store items in your pantry and fridge. You can reuse these containers many times, and they will protect your food from pest activity.

Start a Compost Bin

If you have a garden or enjoy planting flowers, starting a compost bin helps reduce household waste. Compost is a type of fertilizer that you can make from organic material. Things like fruit peels, eggshells, vegetable waste, coffee grounds, leaves, and grass clippings are all appropriate for your compost bin. Store this material in a bin or create a pile in the corner of the yard. Give the compost a chance to decompose into a nutrient-dense soil amendment for garden beds. On average, it takes 4-12 months to develop viable compost.

Recycle to Reduce Household Waste

To reduce household waste, recycle as much as possible. Learn what your city can recycle and use bins to collect these materials. Before placing items into your recycling bin, wash the packaging and check the number of plastic to make sure your city’s program will accept them.

Buy Items Secondhand

One solution to reducing household waste is making smarter purchasing decisions. You don’t have to abstain from buying things altogether. When you need to purchase home decor, furniture, or clothing, start by checking your local thrift stores. You can find great pieces at a fraction of the original price and give them a second home instead of sending them to a landfill.

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